Sunday, 2 March 2014

Club Committee Meeting - 26th February 2014 - notes

In attendance: Pat, Ken, Ross, Daniel, Victor

Ken explained that students from the University of Greenwich came to the pool last week to ask if they could do some underwater filming as part of an art project. This will involve one woman (who has diving experience, but would not be using dive kit) freediving in the water. Other students would not be in the water.

Agreed in principle to help with this project, however this will require some planning to make sure the filming goes smoothly and is done safely. We need more information about the short film (what the scene involves, how long it will take to film etc), and the students will need to be at the pool early and will need to be aware that we only have the pool for an hour. Daniel highlighted that training may also be taking place in the pool. Club members with underwater filming experience could be asked to help. Pat suggested BSAC and local media could be contacted to run a piece on the project, and that a copy of the completed film could be posted on the club website. Ken to contact students to obtain more information and to feedback the committee's thoughts. Daniel to look into publicity opportunities.

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