Monday 11 August 2014

Brighton - 9th August 2014

Ex-hurricane Bertha brought some challenging winds to the south coast this weekend, and Steve (skipper of Channel Diver) queried whether we actually wanted to dive today. As we’d already made the effort of an early start and had travelled down to Brighton for a 7am load-in, we decided to give it a go, and the 9 of us (Colin and Jörn sadly couldn’t make it today) dived the SS Pentrych, a large cargo ship torpedoed and sunk in 1918.

Teresa and Sally dived together, Frank, Grant and Ken formed a trio, Brett dived with Ishka, and Daniel dived with Victor. There was plenty of wildlife on the wreck – tonnes of shoaling fish, a few crabs and congers, one massive lobster, another beautiful lobster that posed for photos back on the boat later on, and blennies.

Water temperature was 19 degrees C. Visibility was 2 or 3 metres. Depths of around 22 metres were reached.

With the winds getting stronger, Steve canned the second dive and we returned to harbour before 1pm. Seasickness had affected some of us, but the sun shone and the winds were pleasantly warm. 

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