Monday 10 September 2012

Underwater Litterpick - 2nd September 2012

by Jill Nicholls and Bjorn Gale


All in all it was an excellent day to pick up underwater litter. Spirits were high as we descended upon and then into Canada Water.

There was an undercurrent of excitement as to what would come up from the depths first. Not surprisingly it was a shopping trolley, much decayed and covered in algae. Lots of people stopped to see what was happening and watch the litter be pulled from the water. I think my favourite part of the day was when a little boy was introduced to the crayfish, probably seeing one up close for the first time.


Firstly I'd just like to say what fun! When I first heard about it I knew I had to get involved as it is all excellent experience and as a novice diver I want to gain as much as possible. I also wanted to experience the other side to diving. Diving with a mission or agenda to serve a practical purpose other than just for pleasure. The atmosphere was buzzing and most of the club turned up to support. it was also fun to speak to passers by who were all very interested in what was going on.

The water was warm, but descending only a few metres the visibility quickly started to diminish. When we were close to the bottom the temperature suddenly dropped and the visibility went from little to zero! Quite un-nerving I have to say, thank goodness for the sturdy rope to hang on to. I even experienced a gassy, fomenting gunky smell at the bottom  too, even through a mask! We dived for about 50 minutes and we managed to retrieve a shopping trolley, a stack of cones, planks of scrap wood, metal and bags of tin cans and a shopping basket. A highlight was Brett catching a massive cray fish. We kept it in a bucket and it drew lots of attention. We let it go at the end.

Great experience with Bermondsey BSAC, would definitely do it again.

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