Thursday 10 July 2014

Eastbourne – 28th June 2014

Diving from Eastbourne on the boat Our W, crewed by Dave and Sylvia, is something of a doddle. Parking is free, there’s easy access to the pontoon, and Our W has plenty of space and a compressor. Today’s very civilised load-in time of 9.45am, and good weather, made the day even more pleasant.

With 11 of us diving, we did what Dave referred to as “The Rio” (NB – see the internet for discussion about this large wreck’s identity) at about 12.30pm, reaching depths of around 27 metres. Lots of crabs and fish, including dozens of tompot blennies. Poor visibility (around 2 metres), but still plenty to see. Water temperature was 16 degrees C at its lowest. The second dive was the SS Roecliffe (previously identified as the SS Umba, again according to the internet).
We were all packed up and back on shore by 5pm. Some stopped for a post-dive drink at the Waterfront at Sovereign Harbour, others sped off to Brighton for further revelling.

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