Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Weymouth - 12th-13th July 2014

by Pat

Weymouth has been a regular fixture on the club calendar for many years and we had our first of this year’s two trips on 12th-13th July 2014, diving from the RW TWO ( ), a large cat with plenty of room for twelve divers.

Woody the skipper was in good form as always and after finding out we wanted to do some different sites came up with a good programme for the weekend.

The weather was calm and sunny on both days, with a nice breeze on Sunday morning.

On Saturday we dived the Frogner in 36m, a large freighter that was a victim of WW1, broken up a bit but with plenty to explore and packed with life. We followed this up in the afternoon with the Gertrude in 18m off Chesil Cove which the club has not dived for many years. The Gertrude is a small wreck often thought of as a novice dive but the bonus is you can drift across several small wrecks in the cove in one dive scattered amongst the boulders. There is plenty of life including cuttlefish. 

On Sunday we did the Binnendijk at 27m in the morning with another boatful of divers on it. However, once you got out of the debris visibility wasn’t bad.  It is largely broken up but with some odd blocks of structures including the entire bow section and 2 large boilers.  In the afternoon it was a drift on Lulworth Banks to pick up a few scallops to go with the lobsters and crabs for those lucky enough catch them.

Overall a great weekend. Joe was lucky enough to find a torch in working order, unfortunately it was not one of the two lost by Chris but it was still nice! Next year we might need to check schedules though, as with the seafood festival on the quayside was packed with people - loading the cars was interesting.

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