Sunday, 15 December 2013

Club Committee Meeting - 28th November 2013 - notes

In attendance: Pat, Brett, Ken, Ross, Victor


  • Noted that the role of Training Officer has proven to be very demanding, and this – together with other reasons – has resulted in no takers for the job this year.
  • Agreed that Diving Officer (Brett) will oversee training, with Grant and Victor taking responsibility for Ocean Diver training, Chris being responsible for Sports Diver training, and Kim being responsible for Dive Leader training and SDCs. These volunteers won’t deliver all the training, but will be the first port of call for trainees, and will sort out what the various training cohorts now need. Brett willing to send call-out emails to instructors, and to send reminder emails setting out what training has been planned each week.
  • The aim is to have all theory and pool sessions done by March, so trainees are lake-ready.
  • A lake training/shakedown weekend is planned for 8th and 9th March.
  • Noted that Shoreham boat (Buccaneer) is good for training, as it is small and has an accommodating skipper.
  • Agreed to continue promoting dive training, and recruiting Ocean Diver trainees.
  • Agreed that depth limits (20m for Ocean Divers, 35m for Sports Divers) should be adhered to.

Advanced training

  • The club has no Advanced Instructors, so can’t run Advanced Diver training. Other clubs have AIs, and we could approach them for help, possibly offering reciprocal help with training. Brett to send out initial emails to contacts he has, Ken to follow up and organise.

Co-opted positions

  • Agreed to ask Teresa to be Welfare Officer again.
  • Agreed to ask Daniel to be Marketing and Publicity Officer. This would involve taking responsibility for website and blog content, postering and any other club promotion.

The Barry Maisey Award

  • Lars has paid the person who will bronze and mount Barry’s dive knife.
  • Agreed that Steve will be the first recipient of this annual award, for his regular, reliable and quiet helping out with training and other club activities.
  • The award will be presented at the club’s xmas do.

2014 dive list

  • Kim’s Falmouth trip is to be a “funded” club trip, provided a satisfactory arrangement with fills can be made with/by Kim and the skipper, and written confirmation regarding the deposit arrangement is obtained. It is understood the £150 deposit covers all 4 days, that this would be forfeited if the club cancels with more than 4 weeks to go, and the full cost of the dives will be payable to the skipper if the club cancels with less than 4 weeks to go. Given the number of takers so far, this trip needn’t be punted to divers outside the club yet.
  • Agreed that Plymouth, Weymouth (both), and St Abbs/Farnes will be “funded” club trips.
  • No deposits for club trips will be collected, however deposits or the full cost of private trips (e.g., Nemo/Bruges) may need to be collected in advance.
  • Agreed to change the 2-week cancellation rule to 1 month, to reduce risk to the club.
  • Agreed to book Shoreham day dives on 5th or 6th April, 21st or 22nd June, and 4th or 5th Oct. Pat to make bookings.
  • Swanage trip proposed on 31st May. This may be attractive (but will be optional) to divers on the Lymington trip on 1st June. The Lymington trip may include a dive on the SS Mendi, a South African wreck at 40m which Mariette was interested in diving.

Succession plan

  • The committee discussed how to encourage new people to stand for committee positions, to prevent the club stagnating. Demands on time such as exams were amongst the reasons why members had declined their nominations for committee positions.
  • The position of Secretary is a good way of starting to get involved. Encouraging new people to help with training and other club activities is also helping to lay the foundations for future committees. It is noted that individuals (not on committee) are welcome and encouraged to organise dive trips, and can ask the club to promote and possibly fund these. Members may get their dive bug and enthusiasm for the club back after xmas. The 2014 dive list is already filling up rapidly.

Other matters

  • Brett will continue to maintain the club website (but not its content).
  • Victor to check CRB requirements for instructors.

The meeting ended at 9.30pm.