Sunday, 29 March 2015

Holborough Lakes - 21st March 2015

Arriving just after opening time (which is 9am on Saturdays), 5 divers from the club went to Holborough Lakes for shake-down dives and training. Steve R went in with Lee, survived the cold and completed open water lesson 001. Jane, Joe and Chris went in as a trio to 10.2 metres, found all their kit (including a new twin set and dry gloves) worked alright, and managed a 45 minute dive. Visibility wasn't too bad. Staff were friendly and helpful. The group were packed up and on their way home before 1pm.

Dry dive - 19th March 2015

The first dive of the season for some club members involved a visit to the London Diving Chamber at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth near Lord's cricket ground. Dressed in fetching scrubs, 8 divers plus a member of staff did an evening chamber dive to a "depth" of 40 metres. Bottom time was 12 minutes, and divers were in the chamber for 45 minutes in total. 

A clear briefing was given before the dive, with the relevant physics explained as the dive progressed. Nitrogen narcosis was felt, and the effects of this on divers was illustrated by a test (involving circling letter "L"s on a piece of paper) before and during the dive. Sally somehow managed to score better when under the influence of nitrogen. Experiments with paper cups were also carried out (they fell to the floor slower in the denser air). The temperature in the chamber rose significantly as the pressure increased. And everyone had squeaky voices, an effect we don't notice on actual dives as we can't talk underwater.

There is already talk of a return visit. A minimum of 6 people would be needed. The cost is £30 per diver.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Kit-checking time

It's March already! Time to dig out the dive kit and check it's all there, tested and usable. Now's a good time to put kit in for servicing at Amphibian before the start-of-season rush. Check computers and torches for batteries, check cylinders are in test, check regs and BCDs are recently serviced, and check o-rings, inflators, seals, valves, zips etc are all functioning properly. And don't forget to give yourself a check - the pool is available every Wednesday evening for pre-season skills practice and kit testing, and the club's first lake trip will be on 21st March.

Bermondsey BSAC committee meeting – 19th February 2015

In attendance: Pat, Lee, Clive, Teresa, Ken, Ross, Victor, Chris, Colin

Procedural matter

  • It was noted that, should the committee need to vote on a matter, Lee and Clive (as jobshare Diving Officer) would share one vote.

Dive list 2015

  • Lee presented a 2015 calendar with suggestions for additional dives. The Eastbourne boat has no more spaces this year, but the Shoreham and Brighton boats do.
  • Victor explained that the previous committee decided to book fewer day dives, but to facilitate bookings by members. The idea was that members would find out about spaces available on boats (skippers’ phone numbers and website links would be posted on the club website), book themselves on, and notify the Secretary who would relay the information on to other members. Members would then make bookings themselves.
  • Agreed to add Brighton day dive (whole boat) on 9th May , Shoreham (4 spaces) on 7th June, and Brighton (whole boat) on 25th October.
  • Agreed to have regular lake trips in the calendar, and publicise these.
  • Agreed to start punting dives out to other clubs now – Harrow, Dulwich, Clidive and Dagsac branches will be contacted.
  • The committee discussed procedure for cancelling dives if there is a lack of interest by the last date when only the deposit would be lost. Agreement was not reached, and Treasurer and Diving Officer will continue this discussion by reviewing each dive before the time that the club would be liable for the cost of the whole boat, so that a decision could be made on whether to relinquish the booking and the deposit, or to continue with the dive.

2016 dives

  • So far we have Ken’s Scapa trip.
  • Skippers are likely to start taking bookings (for next year) midsummer.
  • Pat to find out when 2016 neap and spring weekends are.
  • Item to be discussed at next committee meeting.


  • Chris is the general Training Officer, concentrating on Ocean Diver and Sports Diver training. Chris is to first sort out who needs what in terms of training, and will send out a plan for training over the next few weeks.
  • Kim is to lead on advanced diver training and instructor development.
  • Agreed not to subsidise the IFC.
  • Teresa has been informed that Dulwich SAC are to run an in-house snorkel instructor training course (no date yet). Agreed to punt this out to the club.


  • Daniel has agreed to be Webmaster (maintenance, not content).
  • Some ideas for website, Facebook and Flickr were discussed.
  • Victor, Lee and Ken to get together with Daniel to agree what needs changing on the website.


  • Pat tabled some rough sums showing likely 2015 income and expenditure, based on the number of dives booked so far.
  • Agreed to not charge members more than £45 per dive this year, but to review the situation later this year, in preparation for the 2016 dive year.


  • Colin’s role as Membership Secretary relates to BSAC memberships. He will be responsible for collecting fees, encouraging members to pay by Direct Debit, and receiving paperwork from BSAC HQ. Colin won’t be responsible for monthly club fees – Ken will still be responsible for checking and chasing these.
  • Membership fees summary sheet to be found and updated for Colin.
  • With regard to the retention and recall of members, Colin agreed to send emails out to members who recently left the club. Those not in the club’s Facebook group will be invited to join.
  • With regard to attracting new members, it was noted that clubs are listed in the back of Scuba magazine, and that the club could be promoted to LB Southwark staff. It was again noted that the club could run stalls at events such as the Lambeth Country Show etc.


  • Ross reported that all kit is in-test and was recently serviced.
  • Agreed that the replacement of the missing Dacor regulator set was not urgent.
  • Agreed not to buy a club reel and DSMB for training.
  • Ross to take box of club fins back from Kim.
  • Agreed to have an honesty system for borrowing club kit. A note about this will need to go on the club website. The kit booking form will need to be removed from the website.
  • Agreed to buy 20kg of Dave’s lead.


  • Teresa has agreed to be Welfare Officer again.
  • There are club instructors who still need to be DBS checked.


  • A date for the summer club barbecue has been set. 
  • Clive is planning a dry dive (40 metres) in St John’s Wood and will circulate details.
  • Pizza on the bus at the Brick Brewery, a visit to the Crossness Pumping Station, wine tasting and an urban ramble were suggested.
  • One social per month through winter (November to April) was suggested.

Other business

  • Pat to speak with Sally regarding grant funding.
  • The Ship is now the club’s regular post-pool pub.
  • The lack of tables and chair in the lobby at Seven Islands, and the cleanliness of the pool, were discussed.
  • It was clarified that the club has the pool booked until 10pm each Wednesday. This does not mean we need to be out of the building by 10pm.
  • Next committee meeting 26/03/2015.