Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Try Dive 2010 - with Bermondsey BSAC

The annual BSAC Try Dive event kicks off in September and we're aiming to make it the best one ever for the club.  With that in mind if there's anyone you know of who would like to have a go then get them to register here.  Once they have registered then all they need to do is turn up and have a go.

There is more information on our website.

As a way of involving the whole family we're also offering anyone who wants to do it a Try Snorkel so we can get everyone involved.

If nothing else it should be a lot of fun for everyone who comes along and hopefully some people will decide that we're the club to help them join in the sport.

We have a few poster and promotional leaflets available so if you know of anywhere they could go just let someone on the commitee know and we'll get some for you.

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