Monday 2 May 2011

Dive Fest 2011 - Bermondsey Strikes Back

We're on the way home. Dive Fest concluded. We came, we saw, we dived, we photographed, we ate, drank, sang and danced! Ok, some of us did.
Picture of Lars creeping up on a dogfish

 The 2011 Dive Fest was just as enjoyable as last year, although the hard boat was a nice change. Although our skipper on the rib last year was brilliant, it was pretty tiring.

We had dives booked Friday, Saturday, Sunday afternoons and Monday morning. Unfortunately because of the wind Sunday and Monday got blown out but both Friday and Saturday were blinding! Great weather, flat calm and 10-12 metres viz on every dive. The only minor down side was that with dives in the afternoon we missed the Beach Olympics and other events on in the afternoon but we did get to sleep in and Lars & Mariette provided some fantastic bacon for breakfast butties.

Kim, Lars and I all entered the BUIF Splash-In photography competition on Saturday and just managed to get our entries in by 7pm thanks to some fast driving by Clive and Kim. We're still waiting to see if we won anything!

Plenty of live to see, we even had squid on the Kantoeng wreck, a first for most of us. We also managed to kill off the last of our Dive Leader qualifications for Lars, Mariette and I, with the exception of Shot Recovery by Bag.

Either very close or an enormous squid!
The rest of Dive Fest was a good laugh, Top Hats & Tiaras party on Friday, (we all dressed up), Suunto Sci-Fi Curry Night on Saturday (we didn't find out until late so didn't dress up) and Hog Roast & Barbecue on Sunday. We even had Peter and Egus arrive and although they didn't dive with us they did do a Try-Dive in the pool!

Weather on Sunday was a bit lairy so we ended up going to the Eden Project and then to Fowey to get a cream tea and take in the Aquarium. With the weather continuing badly on Monday we all headed home.

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