Wednesday 8 June 2011

Training in muddy puddles!

We tried out Holborough Lakes the weekend before Lundy.

This was a new site for all in the club although it is close to Leybourne which some people have used before.

The entrance to the lake is hidden away behind a petrol station and through a guard post as the area around the lake is being built on.

The lake is a reasonable size with a river feeding into it at the top and a weir at the bottom so there is a bit of flow but nothing that you really feel.  You only really notice it when the novice you are diving with hits the bottom and disappears into a cloud of silt, as it soon drifts away.  It has a good concrete ramp, a pontoon and a large kitting up area with tables.

There are a few platforms at different depths for training as well as various boats, cars, mopeds, tractor tyres which are all roped together so you can follow them round as well as being buoyed.

There is silt on about half of the bottom and the rest is clay and as long as you stay off the bottom then visibility is good. A good test of bouyancy and loads of life, mainly Perch some other small fish and tadpoles although Pike are reported as being in there somewhere.

Quite a few people turned up and we ended up with 9 divers and surface cover.  All in all a good day as it was only half-an-hour away so we were all home early afternoon after 2 dives.

Thanks to Dave, Paddy & Steve for assisting and taking people in and thanks to Teresa, Joe, Victor, Ken & Anna for turning up.

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