Saturday, 11 February 2012

LDC Lectures at the Royal Geographical Society

Clive organised some tickets for us to spend the evening at the London Dive Chamber lectures at the Royal Geographical Society.  This evening’s speakers were Rick Stanton (world record cave diver) and Monty Halls (TV presenter and all-round nice guy). 

Although a couple of us had seen Rick Stanton before a couple of years ago at DIVERSE his talk was still very interesting and went over the further diving he has done in the Pozo Azul cave system in Spain.  With a cave dive of almost 10,000 m it’s pretty impressive although most of the club decided they wouldn’t sign up for the trip just yet.

Monty gave us a brief overview of his presenting gig on the BBC production ‘The Great Barrier Reef’.  This was a really entertaining presentation as all of Monty’s are and the bloopers reel at the end was a real giggle.  He followed it with a few pictures and a taster on his latest job working as a Cornish fisherman for 6 months which is due to be on TV soon.  This looks to be a great insight into the small boat fishermen on the Cornish coast.  One to look out for.

These evenings have always been in support of the ScubaTrust, helping divers with disabilities and we got a chance to hear from Barry, a tetraplegic who learnt to dive with Scuba Trust and we even got to see a short film of Barry diving in the Red Sea which really goes to show the great work that the Scuba Trust.  Following on  the back of our Try-Dives with Aspire this really goes to show how we can help to make a difference.

All in all a great evening followed by a beer at a local establishment before catching the train home.

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