Monday, 2 April 2012

LIDS 2012 - Maybe LIDS lite would have been a better title...

A good number of the club membership went to the London International Dive Show this year but after speaking to most of them the general consensus seems to be that it was a little sparse.

If you didn't get a chance to go then take a look at the picture and see for yourself but there just seemed to be a lot of space between the stands and the stands themselves were very small.  After speaking to a few of the exhibitors it seems the cost for a stand has gone up quite a bit.

There were some good presentations going on, Mark Powell talking about Solo Diving, Paul Rose (yes the bloke from TV) talking about his diving life and then various others ranging from filming Crocodiles in the water to How to win Photography competitions.

We did meet the skipper from the Newhaven boat we've booked for a couple of trips this year and he seems a really nice guy and I think we all got some ideas for where we could potentially dive next year as well.

The Southern Region team very kindly put some of our cards out on their table and quite a few went which is always a good sign.

There were a few bargains to be had and some of our newer members took advantage but after the success of the Big Scuba Show last year it just didn't seem to stand up.

What did you think?

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