Saturday, 15 September 2012

Club Committee Meeting - 13th September 2012 - Notes

The club committee got together on Thursday, 13 September, to discuss and review training, the dive calendar and other ongoing activities.
Thank you to those the provided feedback on topics that should be discussed and activities considered.

  • The club will acquire a new (2nd hand) stab for trainee use
  • A rescue skills review session will be organised as a pool session. ALL club members are encouraged to join the session to make sure all divers have buddies that are up to date and in shape with their rescue skills
  • Booster theory sessions will be organised to cover off multiple lessons in one sitting - for Ocean as well as Sports Divers (dates tbc)
Dive Calendar 2012 & 2013
  • As it was non-official club trip, the outstanding Scapa payment will not be subsidised by the club. Info will be communicated to relevant members
  • The dive site survey from earlier in the year will be used as the basis for bookings in 2013
  • In 2013 we'll aim to have at least one Ocean Diver and one Sports Diver+ dive per month (within the season)
  • Some members might be asked to help arrange official club dives for 2013 to share the workload
  • A club dive is defined as a dive that has been identified as a favourite amongst members through the survey, meets training requirements and diver abilities and fits the tides and date availability. These dives are determined by the committee. Where a non-committee member is asked to help with arrangements, it will still be a club dive and will be listed on the Dive Calendar. Only official club dives will be subsidised in case of shortfall of numbers
  • The west coast of Scotland is being considered as a club holiday trip in 2013
Other bits
  • We're looking to book out an entire Indian restaurant for the Xmas meal. Details to follow
  • If anyone has a mobile to donate for the club phone, please let us know? (we have an O2 simcard)
  • A second Litterpick session will be organised in Canada Water on October 14th - ALLWELCOME
  • Any donations of lead weights and masks would be greatly appreciated

Comments and suggestions welcome.

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