Monday, 31 December 2012

Bermondsey BSAC Christmas Bash - 12th December 2012

by Victor Grayson

In a brilliant turn-out on a cold evening in mid-December, thirty-odd club members (plus partners) took over an entire restaurant - the very good Jaflong on Lordship Lane, East Dulwich - for a night of civilised dining and sober reflection upon the year's diving experiences. With comedy Clive compering (and organising), prizes were awarded, some with deadly seriousness, others with none, as follows:

Best trainee of 2012 - Jill.
Most improved diver of 2012 - Bjørn.
Biggest (above the call of duty) contribution to the club in 2012 - Steve (for the Canada Water dock dives, and help with training).
Best buddy pair of 2012 - Alan and Colin (for their eventful dive in Newhaven).
Biggest boo-boo in 2012 - the incurable romantic Navneet.
Best club trip organiser of 2012 - Victor (for the Brussels trip).
Tallest story of 2012 - Brett (for his "massive crayfish" story).
2012 silly kit prize - jointly awarded to Colin, Elaine and Chris.

An impressive array of dive and stationery-related prizes were then dished out in the raffle (Chris won everything), and long after 11pm a merry bunch of revellers ventured on to The Draft House for a few more lemonades before bedtime.

Normal Wednesday meetings at the pool will resume on 9th January 2013.

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