Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Club Committee Meeting – 17th February 2013 – Notes

The new committee (elected at the AGM on 13th February) met to discuss and agree the following:
  • None
  • Clive is the Chairperson, Brett is Diving Officer, Lars is Treasurer (and will additionally take on Membership Secretary responsibilities), Lee is Training Officer, Ross is Equipment Officer, and Victor is Secretary. Teresa has agreed to be Welfare Officer again.
  • Lee suggested having 2 assistant TOs, and will put the idea to potential volunteers – they would need to be willing to do the job, be at least an Assistant Dive Instructor, and regularly be at the pool. Suggested grouping trainees into cohorts, allocated to 1 assistant TO who would be responsible for their training.
  • New trainees and try-divers to be received by Victor for induction.
  • Lee’s aims for the year are to update the training record, carry on OD and SD training, assist Kim’s Lifesaver SDC and other branch SDCs, and start a Dive Leader cohort.
  • Brett will run OT7 on Wednesday.
Data protection
  • Approximately 18 months ago the committee decided to not give out or display members’ email addresses in committee messages. This was reviewed and the committee decided not to change this arrangement, however to enable members to email each other, 2 new addresses will be set up – one for the committee to use to email all members, and another for all members to use to email all those other members who have agreed to receive emails from not only the committee. Emails from these addresses will be sent out “blind”, so personal addresses will not be revealed.
  • Agreed that the new members form shall include a new section where the member agrees to their contact details being used. The same consent must be obtained from existing members.
  • Club needs to publish a privacy statement. Victor to draft a statement based on Branch Officers’ Handbook guidance.
  • Lars to keep membership list up-to-date.
  • A standardised, welcoming response email will be sent to new people enquiring about membership, training and try-dives.
  • Committee to give some thought to the need for a member taking on responsibility for promotion and marketing.
  • AGM minutes need posting online – Victor to draft.
Dive list
  • Agreed to use the terms “funded” and “unfunded” to make clear which dives will or will not be covered by the club if a boat isn’t filled.
  • Brett to update dive list with an explanation of this.
  • Agreed that Divefest shouldn’t be the first dive of the season for trainees or anyone who hasn’t dived for a while.
  • The club currently has 6 full sets of kit. All will go in for servicing before the start of the season.
  • With another cylinder and the Dacor regs being brought into use, the club would have 7 sets.
  • Agreed to acquire 2 more 12-litre cylinders (possibly part-exchanging one of the club’s 10-litre cylinders). Agreed to spend £350 on kit (any more needs to be discussed again at committee). This means the club will have 7 sets of kit by the end of the latest round of servicing.
  • Stabs and regs to be tagged to identify which are compatible with which.
  • The small Scubapro stabs should eventually be replaced – this, however, is a future project.
  • Victor to send Branch Details Form to BSAC.
Dive Manager’s Pack
  • As well as the name/air/depth/time/etc log sheet, Lars suggested reintroducing a simple DM report sheet, detailing who paid what, section for comments, tick box for letting shore support know everyone returned safely etc. This was agreed. Lars to prepare template. Cost information gathered will be communicated to members, so everyone is clear which dives have been subsidised, and by how much.
Club phone
  • Lars to buy cheap (£30-ish) pay-as-you-go phone.
  • Brett to delete current branch phone number from website.
  • Brett has list of dive show stall staffers, but needs more volunteers.
  • Stall to have blown-up poster of litter pick, dive list, maps of where we have dived recently (and will dive this year), and crossover information.
  • Brett and Mariette working on leaflet.
  • Agreed to have bright orange t-shirts for stall staffers.
Medical self-declaration form
  • Lars to check whose forms need updating. Brett to bring forms on Wednesday and Saturday for those going on the lake trip.
Next meeting
  • April – date to be confirmed.

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