Friday, 4 April 2014

Holborough Lakes training dive - 22nd March 2014

by Steve V

If I had to sum up the lake dive in one word, that word would be "insane". Reaching the lake early in the morning I was optimistic as the weather wasn't so bad, the water looked pretty calm and I had a bowl of oats for breakfast. What could possibly go wrong? Fast forward a few hours, I'm geared up and about to enter the water. I looked like a giant condom inside a wetsuit with much added weight to help me sink. This meant my maneuverability was reduced to that of a pregnant woman making me feel like a penguin. 

All penguin'd up I enter the water. Slipping on my fins, not so bad. So far so good. I'm then told to do a backwards roll entry. I plunge into the freezing water, I clench my teeth and suck it up. The only word running through my head was "Shit" and "Cold". Ten minutes in, I warm up very little, the wetsuit wan't very snug but I complete the exercises. Leaving the lake was a relief, I warm up as quickly as possible with a not so shabby cup of tea. I turn to the lake, people in Speedos are about to jump. People are crazy.

Overall, 10/10. Would dive again. I may be crazy.

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