Sunday, 7 December 2014

Bermondsey BSAC committee meeting – 10th November 2014

In attendance: Pat, Teresa, Ken, Victor
Apologies: Ross, Brett

Xmas do

  • To be held at Jaflong, Weds 10/12/2014.
  • Pat to confirm with Colin and draft email.
  • There will be no pool session that evening.
  • Committee to consider appropriate 2014 awards for presentation at xmas do.

Next year’s committee

  • Some club members (who have not been on committee before) have expressed an interest.
  • New posts can be created to help spread the work of the committee, such as Membership Secretary, Website Maintainer, Recruitment Officer, Assistant Training Officer and Assistant Diving Officer. These could be co-opted by the next committee, and need not necessarily be subject to elections at the AGM.


  • To be held Weds 04/02/2014, at Cherry Garden School.
  • There will be no pool session that evening.
  • Elections to be held for Chair, Diving Officer, Treasurer, Secretary, Equipment Officer and Training Officer.
  • Motions and nominations to be invited in the new year.
  • Committee will not be proposing motions to discontinue the club’s joint membership discount, or to change the £45 per diver cost of dives to match actual cost.


  • Agreed to add 2 Shoreham dives to the 2015 dive calendar. Pat to speak to skipper.
  • 2015 dive list needs to go online. Reminder email also needed, as take-up has been slow so far.
  • Email needs to be drafted, explaining how individual dive days will be organised. Club members will need to inform the club they are joining these dives.
  • Agreed joint trips may be run with other clubs next year. 2015 dive list will be shared with other clubs once Bermondsey members have had longer to sign up.
  • Ken’s Red Sea trip may not happen next year, due to a ruptured appendix (not Ken’s). Jane is gauging interest in a Gozo trip. Lee has proposed a Dieppe trip.
  • Mevagissey trip may yet be added to the 2015 dive list in the new year.

Recruitment and membership

  • Victor to design flyer.
  • Club to run stalls at county shows and other events next year (Southwark Park, Goose Green, Burgess Park etc), subject to dates and cost.


  • Completion of Ocean Diver training is key to retaining members. This will be prioritised.
  • Suggested that drysuit use should be allowed earlier on in training, again to help keep members interested in cold water diving. Wraysbury and Vobster Quay offer drysuit hire.
  • Victor to look into club’s capacity for snorkel training, and reply to recent emails.
  • Agreed training record needs to be updated, but it doesn’t need to be online.
  • Noted that club has lost instructors this year, which has reduced capacity for training.

Barry Award

  • The 2015 recipient will be [to be revealed at xmas do]. 

Website and blog

  • A decent number of blog entries have been posted this year, albeit mostly written by a small number of people.
  • Pieces are expected from Jane (St Abbs) and Brett (cenotes). Ken to write about whale sharks.
  • Agreed calendar should be taken off website – better to have no calendar, than one that makes it look like the club is inactive.

Club accounts

  • Ken reported that the club accounts are looking OK. Members will be chased for outstanding money. Pool has been paid for until the end of the year.
  • Eastbourne trip (06/09/2014) was costly to the club.
  • Agreed to resume charging for post-training club kit hire.


  • Agreed to run a winter social – bowling at Surrey Quays in February (avoiding half term).
  • Summer barbecue will be held at Teresa’s on 04/07/2015.
  • Teresa to look into Lee Valley white water rafting.


  • Pool activities to be organised over winter, including skills practice.
  • Weekly emails to remind members that club kit is available for students wanting to practice skills, subject to availability and supervision.

Club’s 60th anniversary

  • Agreed to organise dives at 60 sites during the year (2016).

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