Monday, 1 February 2016

Bermondsey BSAC committee meeting, 14th January 2016 - abridged notes

Bermondsey BSAC committee meeting, 14/01/2016
Venue: Teresa’s
In attendance: Pat, Clive, Lee, Teresa, Ken, Victor, Chris
Apologies: Ross, Colin

Red Sea trip skills training
  • This didn’t happen on 13/01/2016 (pool closed due to a lack of chlorine), so the two sessions will be held on 20 and 27/01/2016 instead. Noted that a skills review is also scheduled for 27/01/2016.

Mevagissey divefest
  • Dates have just been confirmed – 30/04-02/05/2016.

  • Daniel was working on this at the end of last year, but is waiting for Victor’s input re: graphics.
  • Removal of pictures, club phone number and calendar from current website was suggested, so it looks less out of date.

Falmouth air fills
  • This was discussed.

Grant funding
  • The club’s grant application to Sport England was conditionally accepted. Sport England will require an amendment to the club’s constitution, proof of expenditure and analysis of benefits.

60th anniversary
  • The summer event is to be organised by the next committee.
  • Victor is yet to contact past members.

2016 dive list
  • Take-up so far has been slower than this time last year, although this year more dives are scheduled, and the committee is aware that several active divers haven’t got round to signing up for dives yet.
  • Large hard copy of the dive list is to be brought to AGM.

  • Lee to do presentation incorporating graphs from BSAC incidents report, and will note the club’s 2015 incidents.
  • Victor will put forward the abovementioned motion to amend the constitution. If Sport England haven’t provided details before the AGM, Victor will ask the AGM to delegate authority to the Secretary to make the necessary changes.
  • Colin has nothing to add to what was set out in the end-of-year newsletter, and so won’t be presenting a report at the AGM.
  • Teresa will raise BSAC’s Buddyguard policy, and DBS – some renewals may now be needed.
  • Medical declaration forms will be completed and collected at the AGM.
  •  Club kit arrangements will be explained to members at the AGM. As agreed at the last meeting, kit will not be issued directly to students, but will instead be handed to instructors who will be responsible for that kit, and for its return after the dive.
  • Victor to circulate AGM agenda and invite committee nominations in an email tomorrow.

Any other business
  • Victor to retrieve the club stamp.
  •  Regarding training, Terry is not continuing, and Aleksandra is taking a break from training.

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  1. Good luck with the summer event and the organisation of it.