Sunday, 16 October 2016

Training successes - September and October 2016

Please give your congratulations to our newest Open Water Instructor. Well done, Sally. Becoming an Open Water Instructor requires the diver to pass a classroom teaching exam, an open water teaching exam, and a knowledge exam. It also takes years of hard work.

In other news, the club ran successful lake dives on 18th September and 9th October 2016, where various elements of the Ocean Diver and Sports Diver course were completed by students. Well done, all. An extra October lake dive is planned for the 30th, this time to Gildenburgh Water.

Also, well done to Xin for passing her Sports Diver exam the other week, to Daniel for qualifying as a Dive Leader recently in Scapa Flow, and to Chris for doing the Accelerated Decompression Procedures course with Ken (a course recently also completed by Geraint and Daniel).

Meanwhile, back at St George's Leisure Centre (our temporary home), twice-weekly training sessions have continued, with students completing Ocean Diver lectures and pool sessions, and passing exams. 

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