Sunday, 24 June 2012

Committee Meeting - 20 June 2012

On Wednesday, June 20th, the club committee had a meeting to discuss ongoing training, kit status, the dive calendar, etc.

  • We reviewed the Equipment Rental agreement: all Ocean Divers have access to club kit as long as they are in training. Once qualified, all members are subject to a kit rental fee. (see the Equipement Rent Form and the T&Cs on our website).
  • With limited club kit availability for open water dives, each member will only be able to rent one cylinder per days' diving
  • As part of ongoing kit reviews and upkeep, most of the kit have been serviced for this season
Dive Calendar
  • The Nemo 33 trip (Brussels) has been scheduled for November 17th & 18th - this promises to be a good weekend trip, so all are welcome!
  • Going forward, all members will be included in organising the club dive calendar. The recent survey provided good insight into the majority's preferences, so this will be used as a reference for the 2013 dive calendar
  • BSAC's Litterpick project seem like a good potential club activity - we're exploring options
  • We're looking into options for a Summer BBQ - suggestions welcome!
  • A Rescue Skills Review night will be arranged one Wednesday night - ALL members will be encouraged to attend
Strange how a 3h meeting can be summed up in a few lines...

Let us know if you have any questions.  

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