Thursday, 4 July 2013

Club Committee Meeting – 24th May 2013 – Notes


  • None


  • Barry sadly passed away on Wednesday. A eulogy has already been posted on the club’s Facebook page. Clive to write a longer eulogy/obituary (based on Dave’s text and picture) to distribute to members by email. Flowers (Teresa to get) and card from the committee to go to Maggie. A collection will also be made at the pool.


  • Bjørn has good ideas for the noticeboard. Clive to enquire re: progress.
  • No responses were received to emails sent to potentially-interested people following LIDS.
  • Litterpicks are good for attracting new members. Brett suggested visiting Greenland Dock this year.
  • Leafletting and a stand outside Decathlon also suggested.
  • James (Amphibian) asked to join the club’s Facebook group. The committee had no objections to this.

Medical forms

  • These are being collected, scanned and stored in a Dropbox folder only accessible to Brett and Victor. A few forms are still outstanding (albeit from members who haven’t dived yet this year). Victor to chase.


  • Brett has set up 3 email addresses/lists: 1) for committee members to communicate with all other committee members; 2) an address for the committee to use to communicate with all club members (messages will be “blind” and will not reveal individual email addresses); and 3) an address for any club member to use to communicate with all club members who have agreed to receive emails from that address (again, messages will not reveal individual email addresses). Brett to email all club members to ask them to agree to be included in this third email address/list.

Club analyser

  • The committee agreed it would be useful for the club to have a gas analyser, and should obtain one. Analyser to be kept with the club mobile phone and charger, in a rigid box. Lee to research cost (possibly second hand), and authorised to spend up to £150. Brett to obtain rigid box.

Kit storage

  • Grant has offered space in his shed, located opposite the pool. It has brick walls, a solid roof and a wooden door, is approximately 7’ by 3’ in size, and is overlooked by the rear windows of flats. Padlock would need replacing. All club bottles and weights would fit. Another option would be the storage room at the far end of the pool (previously used when dive clubs met 3 nights a week at the pool) in which a cage could be installed. The committee discussed access, security and practicalities of both options. Not all cylinders need filling every week, and not all need filling at the same time. Weekend kit loans further complicate the need for access to the storage space. Masks, fins and snorkels could go into storage space every week as they are never borrowed. Storage of at least some kit would help during weeks when Ross is away. Concern regarding leaving large amounts of kit in storage for long periods. Clive to find out more about the room at the pool.


  • There are enough dives scheduled to complete the current Ocean Diver cohort’s training. Agreed to take trainees on a lake dive in June, and sea dives later in the year.
  • Trainees have signed up to Lee’s Malta trip – this should not be their first sea dive.
  • Next lake trip (26/05/2013) will be to Divers Cove. Lake trip on 06/07/2013 will be to Wraysbury.
  • Sports Diver and Dive Leader trainees are progressing well.
  • Rate of attrition amongst Ocean Diver trainees is a concern.

Dive list

  • Agreed that more sea/day dives need to be organised. Swanage could become a 2-day trip (1 day of which could be for trainees – perhaps 3 dives including the pier). Brett to book dive in July. Vobster to be deleted from dive list due to lack of interest (thus freeing up that weekend).


  • Clive to look into Lea Valley white water rafting (doesn’t require minimum numbers). Victor to look into Thorpe Park (open late evenings). Teresa to organise a barbeque at her house, on a non-diving weekend in July or September.
  • Noted that socials directly after dives might not be popular, as people often want to go home.


  • Privacy policy discussed, and amendments agreed. Victor to redraft by end of next week.
  • A column will be added to the medical forms spreadsheet, noting which members have signed the privacy policy form.
  • Online dive list and training schedule to refer to members by first name only (with a capital letter for surname, if needed). Surnames to be removed from blog entries. Committee members’ surnames will, however, be online, and members (and would-be potential future committee members) will be reminded of this at the next AGM.
  • Brett confirmed the club website does not use cookies.
  • Clive to email past committee members to ask them to delete/destroy any personal information of members, if they haven’t already. Victor to draft this email with reference to data protection guidance.


  • Some memberships have lapsed. Lars to chase.

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