Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Solstice lake dive – Sunday 21st June 2015

Buckland again for the club’s 4th lake dive of the year. Thought had been given to doing shore dives at Seaford instead, however it was decided that a less tidal site was needed for today’s training. Ben went in with Clive to do his first open water dives, while Vinay completed his with Lee, bringing him tantalisingly close to becoming Ocean Diver qualified. 

Buckland was quieter than it was the last time we visited, so we had a decent amount of space for kitting up, briefing, debriefing, sunbathing, dragonfly spotting, solstice celebrating and eating cake.

Ross, Victor and guest star Frank dived as a trio, doing a 64-minute sightseeing tour to depths of up to 12 metres. It was good to be able to do a relaxing dive, seeing the various aeroplanes, boats, pumphouse well, plastic shark and gnome garden in relatively good visibility (5 metres in places) and decent temperatures (17 degrees at 6 metres, 13 degrees at 12 metres). The sun shone for some of the morning. 5 of us went in for a second dive, and we were all done by 2pm.

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