Saturday, 4 July 2015

Weymouth – 27th-28th June 2015

by Pat

We had the first of our two weekends in Weymouth this year on the 27 and 28 June. The weather forecast was good and did not let us down – the only time it rained most of us were under water. 8 of us from Bermondsey dived this weekend, plus Ian and Pete from Derbyshire and (on the Sunday) Giulia and Katharina from Imperial/Chelsea and Fulham branches. Dave was aboard and assisted.

The first dive on Saturday was a drift on the bow of the Black Hawk, a small wreck in 15m. We dropped into the water and drifted onto the wreck. The visibility was about 15m, masses of fish life, crabs, nudibranchs and crustaceans. After twenty five minutes on the wreck we drifted off across the sea bed for one of the highlights of the dive – a particularly aggressive wrasse who picked a fight first with Andy (see photo) then with Pat. We then came across a large cuttlefish, changing colours as we watched it.  The second dive of the day was on the Alex, again with swimming pool visibility, where we saw plenty of life including several congers.

After a great day’s diving we all went out for dinner in the evening to an Italian on Brewers Quay to relive the day.

On the Sunday we drift-dived the Lulworth Banks in the morning and finished the weekend in the afternoon with a 30m dive on the Aeolian Sky, a big wreck that is a real treat with the great visibility we had again, although the strong current (we missed slack water) meant it was a challenging and short dive for some of us. Nudibranchs and plenty of fish were seen.

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