Monday, 20 July 2015

Bermondsey BSAC committee meeting - 9th July 2015

Bermondsey BSAC committee meeting, 09/07/2015
Venue: Teresa’s
In attendance: Pat, Clive, Lee, Teresa, Ken, Victor
Apologies: Ross, Colin, Chris

2016 dive list
  • Chris has booked Pembrokeshire. Plymouth trip is also booked.
  • Lundy trip is likely to be in late July. Victor contacted other branches that will be turning 60 next year, with the intention of splitting the boat. Ipswich and Bath branches have expressed interest.
  • Pat to speak with Woody re: Weymouth trip.
  • Agreed to run Swanage weekend trip 15-16/08/2016 [post-meeting note: we meant 13-14/08/2016].
  • Red Sea trip planned for February half term (starts 15/02/2016). The level of difficulty should be set so that newly-qualified divers are not excluded, although we don’t yet know who from the club will be interested in this trip. Needs to be announced to members soon, to get an idea of numbers. Trip will be a 1-week liveaboard, and will form part of the club’s 60th anniversary celebrations. Equipment (including wetsuits) can usually be rented on such trips.
  • Agreed to run day dives from the south coast from June to October. Organisation of these can form part of Dive Leader training. Keen divers can book themselves onto additional dives if they wish.
  • Agreed to carry on doing monthly lake trips. The timing of these trips will be set so as to avoid neap weekends, if possible.
  • Timings of neaps next year are challenging. This might mean reverse profiling, getting up earlier or starting dives later in the day.
  • With the bookings so far, the assumed date of Scubafest, and the monthly lake trips, an initial 2016 dive list can now be circulated to members.

2015 dive list
  • There are a few empty spaces on the Falmouth trip, due to drop-outs. Also, Sally and Clive will not be diving on the Saturday.
  • Weymouth trip needs more takers. This trip can be made suitable to newer members.
  • Brighton dive on 27/09/2015 has been cancelled, mainly due to its proximity to the Dieppe trip. The club didn’t lose a deposit for this cancellation.
  • Unclear why the 25/10/2015 dive is on the list – although it was minuted in previous committee meetings as being proposed and then booked, nobody recalls booking it, and skipper has no booking for that date on his website [post-meeting note: this trip will be deleted from the dive list, as will the cancelled Brighton dive, and the Poole weekend].
  • Several students have signed up for the next lake trip, and Swanage.
  • Victor to ask Daniel to post updated dive list on website.

  • Training is progressing well.
  • Next Wednesday 3 people will need to do a lecture and a pool lesson in preparation for the July lake trip. Ken suggested doing the lecture at/before the barbecue, and is willing to do it.
  • There have been 11 try-divers in recent months who have not (yet) joined the club. Victor to inform them by email that an Ocean Diver course will begin on 12/08/2015 (with both a lecture and pool lesson in one evening).
  • Another try-dive, and a new member’s skills review, need to be included in the training schedule.
  • More volunteering from the club’s instructor pool is needed, to help spread the jobs. Emails to individuals may help.
  • Kim is to retrieve the box of club fins this week.

60th anniversary
  • Pat to top and tail his draft email to the club, setting out ideas for events, and requesting expressions of interest. Red Sea and Scapa trips will be highlighted.
  • Individual members have been asked if they could take on organising a 60th anniversary social event, but nobody has volunteered yet.

Grant funding application
  • This is being worked on by Sally. Teresa to provide information re: safeguarding for application.
  • Buying wetsuits was discussed again. Grant funding might also be used for buying new jackets. Club’s jackets are serviceable but old.
  • Noted that capital funding probably can’t be spent on equipment rental.

  • 18 people have paid so far. Victor to email club again, including Teresa’s bank details.
  • Music needed for barbecue – Clive to sort this out.

  • Clive has uploaded text to the new website, which was created by Daniel.
  • Ken to devote some time to website.
  • Victor to do white water rafting trip report.

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