Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Buckland - 19th July 2015

Buckland again! The club has welcomed so many new members this year, these monthly lake trips are proving to be a good idea. Today's trip was the best-attended so far, with 11 of us in the water. Errol, Miro and Georgi did open water dives (for their Ocean Diver training) with Lee and Ken, Sally and colleague George dived together, Victor dived with Sara, and even Big Kev dusted off his leaky drysuit for a rare dip in UK waters, buddying with Daniel who was testing his twin set. Clive provided shore cover and useful assistance.

Water temperatures were as high as 19 degrees in the shallows, dropping to around 16 degrees at 10 metres. Visibility was good, away from the busier parts of the lake. The sun shone for part of the day, decent dive times were achieved, training dives were completed, and we visited the cafe at the other end of the lake after our dives.

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