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Bermondsey BSAC committee meeting - 10th September 2015 (abridged notes)

Bermondsey BSAC committee meeting, 10/09/2015
Venue: Sally and Clive’s
In attendance: Pat, Clive, Lee, Teresa, Ken, Victor, Sally, Ross, Colin
Apologies: Chris

Matters arising
  • No matters arising from last 2 meetings (other than those already on the agenda).

Grant funding
  • The application for grant funding, prepared by Sally, was discussed.

60th anniversary
  • Pat had received comments from 3 members regarding a possible 60th anniversary event. Nobody expressed interest in a black tie event.
  • Various ideas were discussed, bearing in mind the level of interest among members. Agreed that piggybacking onto a ball at the Clarendon Hotel (Blackheath) wouldn’t work. An event at a hired venue might cost over £1,000. Victor would prefer to mark the 60th anniversary by visiting 60 dive sites, posting a short history of the club on the website etc, rather than a specific event.
  • A combined 60th anniversary / summer social event was suggested. Ross offered his garden and basement. Agreed to do this in July on a non-diving weekend – Ross to advise what date would be best. Club to pay for food and drink (but attendees will be asked to pay a small sum). Alex to be asked to do food again.

  • No apparent progress has been made since the committee last discussed this matter.
  • Ken to work on this project. Timescale not currently known.

  • BSAC’s “Buddy Guard” policy and procedures have been published.
  • Committee noted that the club has to follow this policy.
  • Teresa recently prepared a letter to be given to parents/guardians of children and vulnerable people joining the club. Emily’s parents have been given the letter.
  • Parents/guardians are to be asked to accompany their child until he/she is poolside. Teresa to look into whether this needs to be mentioned in the letter to parents/guardians.

Snorkel training
  • Some members have expressed an interest in snorkel training.
  • Agreed to carry on offering the Dolphin Snorkeller course for a discounted fee of £10, without requiring BSAC or club membership.
  • Ken confirmed Dolphin Snorkeller students are still insured even if not a BSAC member.
  • Agreed to require full BSAC and club membership for Snorkel Diver course and above [post-meeting note: committee later agreed over email that a “Snorkelling Member” will be charged £26 per annum (or £2.50 per month) in club/pool fees, in addition to the £18.50 annual BSAC membership].
  • Noted that the club needs a snorkelling instructor. East Dulwich branch had planned training for this, but Teresa hasn’t heard any more from them.

Dive lists
  • 2016 dive list has been circulated, and needs to be posted on website.
  • Victor to circulate again, with a reminder of the club’s cancellation policy, and information regarding accommodation, transport and use of club kit. All new members will need to be informed of what is and isn’t organised by the club.
  • A new member had signed up for the September Weymouth trip, but was apparently not aware that the club does not normally organise accommodation. Agreed in this instance to not charge her if she does not attend Weymouth.

  • Xmas do will be on Wednesday 16th December. Victor has a venue in mind and will organise.
  • There will be no pool sessions on 16th, 23rd and 30th December 2015. Pool sessions will resume 6th January 2016. Ken to book pool accordingly.
  • Committee to give thought to who should receive the Barry Maisey award this year.

  • Ken has enquired about possible weekend pool sessions, but has received no response from Seven Islands.

Falmouth fills
  • Action related to the bad fills received on the recent Falmouth trip was discussed.

Other business
  • Clive and Sally recently attended an open day at RNLI’s Tower Lifeboat Station. RNLI can arrange a tour for up to 18 people in October or November. Agreed to do this.
  • Another dry dive (to 50 metres) is to be organised, probably over winter.
  • Ross noted that Greenwich Yacht Club would be open for London Open House Weekend.
  • Teresa suggested attending folk nights at the Ivy House, Nunhead.
  • Next meeting to be held on Monday 2nd November 2015.

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