Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Placebo weight dive - Holborough Lakes, 17th April 2016

Another 9am start. Holborough Lakes again (instead of Buckland) for this month’s well-attended training and shake-down dive. Entry was £10. The site has good facilities including a compressor and a clean toilet. Today wasn’t too busy – just us 12, a few other divers, and some bonkers swimmers (sans wetsuits).

Lee and Victor dived with Steve R and Aaron to do a bimble, controlled buoyant lifts, rescue breaths, towing and landing a casualty, some of this having been done in the pool on Wednesday with Geraint and Daniel. Ken took Emily snorkelling and then for a short dive (curtailed due to ear problems). Frank dived twice with Corissa, Ken joining them with his rebreather on the second. Sally and Clive provided shore cover. Audrey and Simon provided encouragement from the shore.

Frank demonstrated the placebo effect perfectly, requesting more weights from Sally, unknowingly dropping them, but then descending satisfactorily. Also of note, the second dive turned out to be Frank’s 500th, yet he somehow “forgot” to do it just in his trunks.

We were finished by 2pm.

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